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Our Strength

Our main strength and success is that we have a track record of a very low death rate in our hospitals and shelters. Almost all the dogs sterilized at our hospitals survive. The death rate of puppies is also very low, which remains a challenge in any hospital environment. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) uses metal tongs and lifts them with a crane, which is extremely painful to the animals. In a contrast, while catching stray dogs, we use a special catcher which is a long loop-like structure and is thrown around the dog's neck and then slowly pulled towards the catcher.

Other Facilities

Circle of Animal Lovers is a registered non-profitable, non-political, charitable animal welfare Non-Government Organisation working since 1992 for the cause of animals to ameliorate their condition. The organisation was set up with the aim to prevent cruelty against animals. The main activity of our society is to control the stray dog population through a programme of sterilisation. Mrs. Irani Mukherjee, the Hon. Founder Chairperson, started it all by herself with her own resources. Gradually she was successful in gathering few more people and got the society registered and recognized. The organisation is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

Apart from our pick up, medication, operation, boarding, and adoption services we also provide all types of dog accessories. We keep almost all medicines, even quite costly ones, for all animals and general people may avail them in requirement of any treatment for their pets. We have a good stock for dogs. We keep dog food and coats for dogs. Since these articles are not easily available, we felt a need to keep a good stock at our shelters and hospitals so that it is convenient for the pet owners.

Facility outside Delhi

We have a Hospital-cum-Animal Home at Sohna in Gurgaon (Haryana). We plan to work more for large animals and other species like birds, turtles, monkeys and rabbits. The plot has an area of 5110 sq.m. The resident veterinarian treats over 100 animals of the local villagers. The shelter also has a resident keeper to look after the animals.

Hospitals and Shelters

We run a small hospital and three animal homes in Neb Sarai. This Hospital-cum-Shelter in Neb Sarai was started in 1996. There are three buildings with three storeys each. The upper balconies have been converted into grilled cage-like structures to prevent the animals from jumping out. Present capacity of our shelters is around 200 small animals and about 15-20 large animals. The hospital is fully equipped for any type of surgery and treatment. Our animal home is not just a dormitory. It is a home. Here animals get special love, care and attention from specially trained attendants. They even have playtime. It is like five-star living for these animals. Their food and health care is under the direct control of three fully qualified veterinary surgeons. This is all under the regular supervision of the Honorary Founder Chairperson Smt. Irani Mukherjee.

When everybody walks past the stray animals with hands on their nose, and hatred in their eyes Circle of Animal Lovers hunts for them to help them live again. We take special care to maintain cleanliness in the shelters. Each shelter is disinfected thrice a day.

The society can boast that there had been no outbreak of any disease in our shelters inspite of housing sick dogs. Another unique thing about our shelters is that the dogs are never caged or chained, but are allowed to move freely.

The occupants of the three shelters are dogs, with occasional visitors like cats, cows, donkeys, rabbits, monkeys, etc. Each occupant is provided with three meals a day including milk, bread, rice, chapati and meat. They are taken out for walks regularly, provided with coolers and fans in summer, clean drinking water and round the clock medical care. Fortunately, we could tie up with a five-star hotel that provides meat to feed more than 150 wards totally free of cost. Be it a case of accident or prolonged illness, each animal is properly looked after at the shelter, checked up at the hospital and kept there until fully cured. Thereafter they are returned to the original place from where they were picked up.


Sometimes back we were facing a major constraint of space. We required a bigger piece of land to build more shelters to lodge the animals comfortably. Now, a new Shelter-cum-Hospital for different type of animals and birds is being constructed on a land of 5110 sq.m. area in Sohna District, Gurgaon (Haryana).


Circle of Animal Lovers (Regd.)

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