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The co-existence with man is day-to-day becoming a hardship for the animals. Under such circumstances, it is unacceptable for us to see animals roaming on roadsides and dying due to accidents or starvation. Everyday at some or the other location the neighborhood dogs are poisoned, beaten to death and tortured. To resist such gruesome activities against animals, we are pledged towards bringing relief to these suffering creatures. Our activity comprises of all sorts of efforts to bring relief to suffering animals, whether big or small. Our main activity is Animal Birth Control (sterilization) and Immunization.

Instant Relief

The society brings instant relief to the suffering of large animals by sending the ambulance. Injured large animals are picked up and brought to the Hospital cum Shelter for treatment and in some cases, "spot treatment" is also given to them. There is a common clinic for the animal with full amenities for surgery.

We attend calls the entire day, rescuing animals at the site of traffic accidents, from homes, and from streets where animals are hurt and in need of help. Whatever the situation is our staff on mobile duty rushes to any spot at any time, when need be there. Since we do not have any proper place to treat big animals, we need our van for first aid as and when information is received and arrange for its pickup by some other organisation that have the facility. We are waiting to get a van for pick up of big and large animals, though we do not know when the negotiations will be fruitful. We regularly attend to horses in Tonga stands (Savitri Nagar, Zamrudpur, Govind Puri, Khanpur, Bhatti mines, etc.). We intend to work for donkeys and pigs in a bigger way but scarcity of funds and space do not allow us to work extensively for this cause. Our mobile clinic gives door to door service to poor owners of horses, buffaloes, cows, pigs and donkeys, etc. the services rendered by our Mobile Clinic was very much appreciated by local people.

Benevolent Treatment

We treat the animals, sterilize them, feed them thrice a day and finally take them back to the same area. Then we release the animals on the same spot from where they are picked up. We search out an animal lover in the area who would ensure that the animals are fed. We again return to the same spot for annual injections. We try to give all possible help to the animals brought to us. We do not 'euthanise', which means killing by giving injections when animals are sick. If any animal dies we give it proper burial and perform rituals. CAL ensures that whenever a dead animal is found or informed by any animal lover, it is also given a decent burial. We are also concerned with the beasts of burden like horses, donkeys, and elephants that are over worked and underfed. Periodical trips are made by the activists to feed such animals and offer them medical assistance.

Adoption Programme

After the animal is cured our members help us to identify people interested in adopting these dogs and get them adopted in homes where they will be looked after. So far a lot of dogs have already found homes for themselves.

Feeding Stray Dogs

Our vans distribute about 200 packets of food everyday to the stray animals. Around 165 packets are distributed for small animals, which include dogs and cats. About 35 packets are daily served to various types of large animals. Feeding is done in Delhi and nearby areas and majorly in the South Delhi Area. Till today dogs are fed very punctually outside the School in Lodhi Estate, where Mrs. Irani Mukherjee, our Hon. Founder chairperson, used to teach.

Various beneficiaries that we attend include dogs, cats, cows, buffaloes, pigs, equines, elephants, birds, rabbits, and any other animal in need of our treatment and care.


Due to their huge population the dogs happen to be our most frequent visitor. From the very beginning, our services were devoted to the welfare of dogs and also for the cats. We serve the stray dogs as well as pet dogs. At our shelters, we have housed dogs in much more numbers than any other animal. As human beings, all other animals also have a right to live. There had been cases of poisoning where we tried to take legal action and even educate the offenders.


Next to dogs, the cats form the second largest population among the animals housed in our shelters. Cats are also sterilised and the ones that do not find any caretaker in the civil society are kept under our care and protection. These animals are most susceptible to the gruesome attitude of many people who poison the cats in their locality. We promptly take legal steps to express our disregard for such criminal activity of these people.

The livestock like cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep’s are a bit fortunate lot among all the animals, as people appreciate their economic value in the form of several food products. However, we treat all ailments of these animals. We attend to any road accidents, where sometimes we are required to provide on-site treatment and medication. We also arrange programmes for monitoring cruelty against these animals by their owners. Several of these livestock are neglected by the owners and are left on the streets. Regarding cruelty by owners, pigs are the worst sufferers as they are considered to be low-value in term of economic benefits. We reach the sites and we counsel those owners so as to do justice to their livestock. Lots of cows are there in Hauz Rani, Begumpur villages. Our Mobile Clinic gives door to door service to poor owners of cows, pigs, etc.


We have been serving several equines. The horses and donkeys both face much bitter experiences with their owners. These animals are used to drag carts as goods carrier. Many a times these animals are made to over work without water and food. Even the small mules are also made to run with these carts. We have tried to counsel few owners to have mercy on the condition of the animals, especially their young ones. Our mobile clinic also serves the poor owners of horses and donkeys. We regularly attend to horses in Tonga stands in Karbala, New Delhi and Old Delhi Railway Stations.


At regular intervals we visit the Yamuna Pushta area (river bank) in Delhi where we interact with the owners of the largest animal on earth, the elephants. We survey the conditions in which these human friendly and one of the most intelligent animals are kept. We educated their owners regarding the ways to maintain healthy upkeep of the elephants that had been in a very long association with the human society. We sensitize the owners regarding cruelty against animals and persuade them to have mercy on the elephants.


We attend to many birds that are injured in road accidents. Birds are very prone to accidents as there is less vegetation and more of physical structures and fixtures in the urban area. Moreover, in Delhi due to very high number of vehicle presence on the roads, birds get hurt every now and then. Even large birds like eagles are prone to accidents and our doctors attend them. As per our activism towards the right to freedom for these flying animals we visit parts of Old Delhi where many rare endangered species are kept for sale. We had set free many birds and whenever required we have been active in taking legal steps to punish the culprits.

Other Small Animals

We are sensitive towards all animals and thus take care of small animals too. The small animals include hares and the poultry such as hen, cock, etc. We attend to any ailments or accidents. We look majorly into the matters of slaughter of these animals. We had been active towards legal process to stop slaughtering. Thus, to ensure the living rights of these poultry animals we widely advocate vegetarianism.

Free Checkup Vaccination Camps

Every year about three-four times we organise Free Animal Check Up and Anti-Rabies Vaccination Camps. The main attractions of the camps are dogs, cats, cows, buffaloes, and every other type of small and big animals. Vaccination programme is conducted only for dogs. These free camps had been organised in several parts of Delhi, Gurgaon and even NOIDA. From Friends Colony to Naraina we have covered a large span of Delhi. Our camps also benefit a large segment of the rural population living on the periphery of Delhi. These camps are aimed at making people more sensitive towards the needs and required care of the animals. The camps were organised in Neb Sarai, Sainik Farms, Naraina, Raghubir Nagar, Mayapuri, Sanjay Colony, Madangir, Khirki Extn., Ber Sarai, Panchsheel Park, Khel Gaon, Masjid Moth, Mehrauli, Green Park, Friends Colony, Chhattarpur Village, JNU, South Extension, Kotla Mubarakpur, and many other places. Most wide coverage of our services had been in the South Delhi area. We had also been organising free mobile anti-rabbies vaccination and clinic services for animals, at various places like New Friends Colony, Shahpurjat, Under Hill Road. Since, the initial days of the programme around 1000 dogs and 150 cats had been vaccinated. At an average we vaccinate 40 to 50 dogs every month.


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