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The Organization

Circle of Animal Lovers is a registered non-profitable, non-political, charitable animal welfare Non-Government Organisation working since 1992 for the cause of animals to ameliorate their condition. The organisation was set up with the aim to prevent cruelty against animals. The main activity of our society is to control the stray dog population through a programme of sterilisation. Mrs. Irani Mukherjee, the Hon. Founder Chairperson, started it all by herself with her own resources. Gradually she was successful in gathering few more people and got the society registered and recognized. The organisation is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

The Genesis

Mrs. Irani Mukherjee, since childhood, grew up with dogs and she pledged herself to dedicate her entire life for welfare of animals. She and her husband started off with very little money and almost no help. She began tending animals at her home, and later started moving them to a makeshift clinic, but that wasn't enough. Moreover, she felt single-handed, as she had to take care of every activity. She appealed to the members to help her in possible ways. Her extreme love and devotion for animals has enabled the society to establish three shelters for which she had to even sell off some of her property. Most of the dogs when brought here were acutely sick and are now recuperating and healthy.

The Mission

At, CAL we believe in action. We are not publicising through pamphlets, not holding meetings, conferences or seminars but we are demonstrating love, compassion and sacrifice. We everyday offer food to 100s of stray animals, pick sick and deceased animals from the road, treat them either in our mobile van or take them to our shelter home for treatment. Animal birth control is our major activity so that the number of stray dogs can be reduced. We protest killings of dogs and hence, we advocate animal birth control as a feasible option. With our regular sterilisation programme we have been successful in reducing stray-animal population.

Affilation and Membership

Animal Welfare Board of India, Madras (under the Ministry Environment and Forests) recognized circle of Animal Lovers in 1993. We are affiliated to Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), London, U.K. The society is also a member of World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), London, U.K.

Organizational Strength

The society has highly qualified veterinary doctors, including surgeons who are on a round the clock duty. We have one residential doctor (Surgeon) and two full time surgeons, three-office staffs, two compounders, three drivers and fifteen helpers. Number of persons to look after the dogs, their cleanliness and their food. Our staff enjoys May Day Celebrations as a holiday with special meals and gifts. However, as is desirable, the shelters were cleaned, food was prepared and dogs were taken for walk, while our attendants were free to relax and enjoy. We also organize brief Orientation Programmes for our staff, where lecture on animal welfare activity by experienced person. The society has total membership of 112 persons, out of which 70 are life members and 42 are casual members. School and college children were junior members.


  • Animal Shelters : We have Animal Homes - cum -Hospital. The building are three storied & quite airy. We have twenty-five rooms, open terrace and balcony for our dogs. We never use cages in our shelters and always try to avoid catcher. We also have separate building for treatment and boarding for private owner owned Dogs.

  • Hospital Building : At our Hospital we have an "Operation Theatre" which is fully equipped for any type of surgery. All the equipments are very sophisticated and are used for complicated diagnosis. We also have our own "Pathology & X-ray Facilities" in our hospital.


Circle of Animal Lovers (Regd.)

E-67 DDA Flats, Saket, New Delhi - 110017
Phone : 011-40572892 Mob: 8826654821